Total Focus Workshop

For anyone looking to achieve peak performance in their lives and work, Total Focus is a short, sharp, enlightening booster to success which includes, reflecting in depth on your life and clearly identifying what needs to change.


Using psychologically proven tools and techniques, the focus of this workshop is on creating the disciplines and mindset of success in order to manifest the future you want for yourself and your team. The workshop concludes with a 90 day challenge to lock in the disciplines for life long success. Clients achieve more in those 90 days than any other 90 day period.

Balanced Teacher Workshop

For any teachers wishing to achieve greater work-life balance, this one-day, experiential and interactive coaching-based workshop offers the opportunity to explore what personal balance means to individuals, what often gets in the way and how to develop practical strategies and daily action to bring greater balance in their everyday life. Participants come away with….