About me

Threaded throughout my life and career have been a couple of themes: Learning, growing and serving others.


What can I learn today or what new experience can I have today that will enrich or develop me as a person, and how can I use it to then serve others?


These questions get me up in the morning and have taken me across the world learning languages (German, Chinese), learning to teach English as a foreign/second language in China and America, learning to teach children with special educational needs, learning to lead and motivate others to create an empowering, enriching, employability focused curriculum for young people with additional needs, and more recently learning how to coach to unlock my own and others’ potential to create the life they love.


Before my coach training, I worked in the education sector (HE, FE, SEN) as a teacher and at senior leader level. Working in this dynamic, ever-changing, people-centred environment, I learned a lot about


motivating and engaging students, leading and empowering staff and the rewards of contributing to the lives of others.

I then stumbled across coaching, received some powerful, life-changing coaching, took several coach trainings and fell in love with it. 


I am currently a leadership and transformation coach, workshop facilitator and corporate trainer. I help people connect to their ‘inner leader’ within, manage their self-doubt and fears, find their purpose and take them from good to great.  Why? Because I’m curious about people; I love watching and listening to their stories, I love having insights into people’s lives and problems and I have a huge desire to help people convert their dreams into realistic projects, one action at a time. 


When I’m not working, I love spending time outside – either growing vegetables at my allotment or walking or cycling in the beautiful British countryside. I live in Sutton Coldfield with my partner, daughter and Connie the cat.

If you are interested in learning more about my work, please contact me at: